SPRASH is a national level organization promoted in support of UNICEF, leading a national level NGO Alliance in the country for the purpose of participatory learning. MY-HEART is one of the active members of SPRASH NGO Alliance representing the state of Orissa. The alliance has taken a national level project on ”Capacity Enhancement of the Functionaries to be Engaged for Census -2011 & MY-HEART is the State lead NGO for this Censuse-2011 involved in the capacity building project.


White Ribbon Alliance-Orissa


White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is an international alliance working in more than 140 countries worldwide for the reduction of maternal death targeting the MDG-05. MY-HEART is the state secretariat of WRA-Orissa chapter is operating in all 30 districts and 314 blocks of Orissa by taking more than 350 Civil Society Organisations of the state.